It’s funny how some accidents end up saving us entirely.

This blog became just that for me: an accidental lifesaver. I discovered, in one of the darkest times of my life, a small spark of hope when it came to writing.

I think much of life is spent feeling misunderstood, or perhaps even in unwanted isolation. I think that’s horrific, and I think I have grounds to say so because I have felt that way all too often. But I now know that from horrific and dark experiences, phenomenal stories can be born.

In a season of loneliness and depression, I started writing. It not only became an outlet, but a friend. No one told me how to write, so I simply wrote what I thought was interesting: secrets, struggles, and stories.

Perhaps you, too, have felt misunderstood or not good enough. Perhaps you have secrets bottled up inside with no way of releasing them safely into the world, though you are dying to. Perhaps you just need one person–if even a perfect stranger–to tell you it’s going to be ok because they, too, have felt alone. But they have discovered that they’re really not. And neither are you.

So while this blog’s beginnings were my own way of crying for help, it’s become a place where I share honestly about transitions, loss and heartbreak, and learning how to navigate this life thing. I hope you have hopeful encounters and “whoa, me too” moments in this little internet space.

We all know we’re far from perfect, so let’s not pretend anymore ok? No masks here.


1. firm believer in chocolate for breakfast.

2. barista & boy nanny by day.

3. grew up in alaska & the pacific northwest.

4. loves to explore the world (and wrote a good deal of travel stories here).

5. has a heart for: the lonely & outcast, making people feel heard, and laughing. a lot.

6. short and ok with it.

7. looks way younger than she is; slowly becoming ok with it.

8. could drink coffee & have one-on-one conversations all day.

9. buys too many books but doesn’t read enough.

10. used to hate writing. now can’t imagine life without it.